To ensure proper fitting, SmartKnitBRACE™ socks are available in a large variety of sizes.
X-STATIC AFO socks shown.
SmartKnitBRACE™ seamless socks have proven to help prevent skin problems under plastic braces by reducing wrinkling and bunching, irritation and pressure over the toes, moisture, and bacteria odor problems.
Reduces Wrinkling and Bunching
High Stretch Lycra spandex yarns conform to the anatomy, reducing skin pressure points due to wrinkles, and provide a total contact fit inside the closely fitting brace. The cling factor keeps socks up on the leg instead of sliding down and bunching up under the brace - a common problem when using "store-bought" cotton socks.

Specifically sized for orthosis use, in consultation with clinicians, SmartKnit socks are narrow enough to fit properly without bunching and wrinkling. Socks are also long enough to extend beyond the top of the brace, thereby eliminating problems experienced with socks purchased from department stores. Ordinary socks tend to be too wide and bunch up, causing pressure and discomfort.
Form fitting design reduces wrinkles and bunching
Reduces Pressure over the Toes
Made on specialized knitting equipment that knits a completely seamless toe, SmartKnit socks reduce pressure over the toes caused by sock seams. This is significant for orthoses using a flexible inner boot design. The knit construction also provides a smooth surface, reducing abrasion, and a "loft" in the material allows air to circulate.
Reduces Moisture
CoolMax or X-STATIC silver fiber options are high-tech engineered fibers that protect skin by "wicking away" perspiration to keep skin cooler and dryer within the confinement of the
brace, especially in warm weather. CoolMax, in white, is a very soft cushioning fiber, ideal for interface use and also includes an anti-microbial. X-STATIC silver fiber, a silver-grey color, is very effective for killing bacteria that causes skin rash and odor problems. X-STATIC also provides a thermodynamic property that helps wearers stay cooler under braces. Traditional fibers, such as cotton, retain perspiration constantly against the patient's skin, which leads to dermatitis.
Reduces Bacteria and Odor
Both the anti-microbial treatment in the CoolMax style, and the silver fibers in the X-STATIC style, help to prevent bacterial and fungal growth, reduce odor and help prevent contact dermatitis.
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